Can’t logon to my Blynk 1.0 project

Hi l Can’t logon to my Blynk 1.0 project with my Facebook account tried forgot password the problem is I have two accounts and the account that I can login to has the same email address has my Facebook account

You can’t login to your blynk account using facebook, you should reset the password and login using password instead

I can’t do that as I have two accounts one I can logon with my email address the other i used my Facebook account to logon I can’t do that any longer if i try to change the password it directs me to the project that I can logon to

Unfortunately, you have no choice.

ok thanks for your reply, the project is still working its just that i can’t change the settings,i was hoping that someone from Blynk admin could help

the app is no longer supported so I’d suggest moving to the new blynk instead.