Can mobile app be created for projects developed in local server

Wanted to know is it possible to create mobile apps for projects developed for local blynk server

Not sure what you are asking about. Of course we can have our App/projects on a Local Server as easily as he Cloud Server.

Only thing to consider is that each server is an independent entity from all other servers, so even if you use the same account info, your account and it’s projects on the Cloud will be completely independent of your account and projects on your Local Server… thus you would have to log out of one, change the IP in the App then log into the other, or use two separate phones, one for each server. You could possibly even run an cloning app and have both copies connecting to their own server… but they still will not share data directly between themselves.

That’s nice to hear…but my query was can I create custom mobile app for specific project in private server as when using the blynk cloud the option of same is there

I think you need to be much more specific and clear in your queries :wink: By “Custom App” are you referring to stand alone App that only does the one thing that you design it for… not the existing Blynk App with all of your separate projects in it?

If so, then again yes… difference being that you must go through Blynk’s commercial side and they set you up with a private server (basically your own Local Server in the cloud) and help you build your custom App.

Thanks yes I meant standalone app so as now the blynk is running on my Ubuntu OS in AWS cloud will things remain same and hosted there itself with the provision of standalone app feature

Probably not… just a guess, but as the commercial App is subscription based, Blynk will still need some control on the hosted server… no pay no play type thing. (EDIT - read the FAQ on that link above… there is a buyout option wherein you then use your own Local Server)

That all said… it is best to ask on the commercial side (click that link above and then click on the contact us link or the chat icon)… then there will be better answers from the actual developers :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it is possible. However, own apps are paid feature.

Thanxs all