Guidance on linking application/software to blynk project running in local server

Hello all

I wanted to know is there a way to connect a software or application developed to be able to connect to project present in Blynk application connected to local server.Like for example I’ll create a software with option of switching on/off light with other information as well can the same request be sent to blynk project and the command be executed…Thanks

I had to reread your question a few times :upside_down_face: but I think I understand.

As somewhat referenced in your prior topic - Can mobile app be created for projects developed in local server

You want to know if you can make two different applications (Blynk and whatever) share resources/control over something.

The answer is sure… if you know what you are doing and have relatively similar programmable access to both applications development (AKA your Blynk project & code as well as for whatever).

Lots of others have done the same thing with Blynk and NodeRed, Blynk and Google Home, Blynk and Amazon Echo, Blynk and Virtuino… and so on…

So basically… It all depends on your abilities.

Thanks for the guidance it really helped me