Can I use a Led Widget like and indicator?

Hi Blynkers,

I have a little problem for use the LED widget. I want to use it like an indicator from a physical led but I don´t know how. I try with BLYNK_READ and Blynk.virtualWrite and the code is right but I don´t know how to connect it to the correspondent pin.

Thank you.


Hi Pedro, we have a separate example for LED -

For simple case do:

WidgetLED led1(1); //means you need to have LED on app configured on virtual pin 1.

That’s all! For more complex usage see above example.
Hope that helps.

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Hi Dmitriy, thanks for you answer.

I use the example code that you give me but it does´t work. I´m sure that I making something wrong, Could you be more explicit to how connect the arduino to the physical LED? I´m using a Arduino Nano. Thank you and sorry for my inexperience.

tested the LED example (with updated library!):
LED.ino:28:25: fatal error: SimpleTimer.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.


Hi, this example uses additional library You have to add it aslo.


I thought you was talking about “LED Widget” not physical LED.
Anyway if you want just to Blink - you could try default Nano LED connected to digital pin 13. So in App just add widget Button and configure it to digital pin 13. You could use for that simplest example -

Put in scetch your token and press “run” in your dashboard, than press on button. That’s it.

library “created” and LED compiled successfully.
run with that message Trouble detected:
yes, I’ve read what it means :wink:

probably you should remark “external” libraries?
not everybody kows all different libs.


Agree, we missed that. Fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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sir , the above link for example sketch is not working?

@mac did you know that GitHub has a search facility?

nope im totally new here

Ask Google how to search GitHub.

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