Assistance with LED Widget and Blynk Python

can u tell the same code for python

Please don’t open old topics for your questions. I moved your post into a new topic.

Read through what examples there are for the Blynk Python library…

I recommend simply treating the LED Widget like any other widget and controlling it with a Virtual Write command.

This Blynk Python command will turn ON an LED Widget, set to V0.


The LED will take a range of 0 (OFF) up to 255 (Full ON) with the middle ranges being a variable “intensity”

Tried it like a million times, But still ain’t working

That is unfortunate… but at least your counting skills are getting a workout :wink:

Meanwhile my virtual LED had been silently flashing away like a bazzilion times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

def LED_ON_task():
    blynk.virtual_write(3, 255)
    blynk.virtual_write(3, 0)

blynk.set_user_task(LED_ON_task, 2000)

Works Like a Charm, Thanks For The Help. Can You Help Me With The LCD Widget Too…please, Cheers Man…:wink::wink:

Sorry, I don’t think the LCD widget has been setup in the Alpha level, Blynk Python Library.

I can’t get my LED to turn off.

Sounds a bit like a Mick Jagger song lyric, or the start of a “Doctor, Doctor…” joke.

I’d suggest that you start a new topic and provide sufficient information about the hardware, software libraries, app version, code and ‘symptoms’ so that people can understand your issue and possibly provide some assistance.
Reference this topic from your new one if that will help you to explain the issue.