Buggy joystick control


I am making a little project with an ESP8266 and servos. If I control the servos via sliders, everything works perfectly. But if I control them via a Joystick, it works for a while and then it stops responding (but sliders always work perfectly).

Is there is any known issue with the Joystick control not updating the values?

Unlike the sliders, which defaults to Send On Release, the joystick is always Writing on a set Interval defaulting at 100ms… Try slowing the rate down until it is not overwhelming the link.

Even at 1s it goes buggy :confused:

Then it is possibly something in your code. The joystick and sliders, while similar when comparing single axis, can interact differently. With a joystick, it is very difficult to adjust one axis without some adjustment to the other… thus you code may be trying to handle the simultaneous dual axis input.

Post your full code here… properly formatted as usual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also show how you have setup the Joystick Widget.

Hey thanks. The code is just



And the widget just writes to V0 and V1. However something strange has happened, I just deleted a previous widget (I tried to make it work with Merge) and the new one does not seem to have any issue :blush: I do not know how to explain it… I’ll test more during the day