Bug? Terminal auto-scrolls on virtualWrite to any OTHER widgets

Is this intentional?

My terminal widget lets me scroll, which is nice, but as soon as any virtual pin (of any widget) is written to, the terminal auto-scrolls to the bottom. It seems to me the terminal should only auto-scroll if the terminal widget itself is updated… Not a big deal. Just a curiosity.

Sounds like a bug. What is the app version you have? We’ll check.

Do you have autoscroll turned off on the widget? I can scroll and it stays there as long as that “switch” is turned off.

@Eugene it is 2.14.6 (for android).

@Gunner Yes, auto-scroll is on, but what I’m saying is that auto-scroll is occurring even when there are no additional messages in the terminal. For example, if I blink an LED, the terminal auto scroll kicks in.

Thanks for reporting. This is a bug for sure.

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