Bug in Timer Widget: picked up time is wrong

Project details:

  • Node running ESP32 (ttgo Tdisplay)
  • Mobile phone: Samsung S10
  • Blynk server: ny3
  • Blkynk library: 1.2.0

The Blynk node has been performing well for several months but I realized days ago the watering schedule was wrong. Today I found out that the time picked up in the Timer Widget is not set correctly in the app.
This is a short screen-cast showing the issue:

Appreciate any help for this.

Hello, @jbejarano. What version app you use?

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Seems to be the same as this issue…


The error in that post has been fixed. Therefore, the application version is important in this case.

Hello. it’s 1.9.0 Android.

Hello. Oh, it’s very similar. In my case the hour step 1 ahead but changes the AM to PM.

You need to open the Blynk app, go to “About” and provide the Blynk app version EXACTLY as it appears in that screen.


Now that you mention I realize there was an update for the app and did applied. Now running Blynk App 1.9.1, eventhough the issue is still present. I add below a screen cast for clearer explanation. I also notice that it’s related to the time format. When I chose HH:MM the issue is not reproduced. When I chose HH:mm - aa the issue is reproduced.

Yes, sure sir. here you are:

You might want to crop that image, or edit it so that your email address isn’t visible.


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@jbejarano Very strange. Please check again in this version. Maybe you have updated the version today


Followed your advice and to make sure I am in the latest version I did follow:
-Clear app cache and data
-Uninstall Blynk
-Reboot phone
-Install Blynk latest 1.9.1 (122) 17.05.2023 10:59
-Login to Blynk in the app
-Test the issue: still reproduces. :frowning:

Tryied in another phone that never had Blynk installed and the issue is reproduced too.

Let me know what other relevant information I may send.

Thanks for the help.

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Need an investigation

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Thanks, we somehow missed this bug in am/pm format. There should be no such issue in case of time format without am/pm. We will fix this bug in the next update which should happen at mid/end of the next week.

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Thank you for the quick response… you rock guys!