Bridge blynk 2.0

Hi, is it possible use automations in the free plan?
I had a project with two wemos boards using bridge widget . Basically switch on a led in one board when it detects movement in a sensor connected to the second board. I use wemos d1 mini.

Yes it’s possible.

I see that it is not possible to enable automations in a digital pin, it has to be a virtual pin.

Yes virtual Pin, you have to expose virtual pin of the second Wemos


and create automation

I have serious doubts about digital pins in Blynk 2.0 - see this post…

I’ve not yet had any clarification of the issues raised.


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This is a another problem with analog pins.
I want to create a automation that when activates a digital pin in a wemos board from a sensor then switches on a led in a different wemos. I supposed that I have to define extra virtual pins to make the automation. Anyone had it done before?

It’s fairly easy to use virtual pins

I control my boiler relay with the thermostat as I explained above


Ok thanks. To make control device activated, the device must be online? Because, I have this option desactivated.

Yes the device must be online :wink:

Ok, thanks a lot, I will try.

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