BlynkBoard provisioning issue

Hi - I bought a SparkFun IOT starter kit with Blynk Board - esp8266. It comes with a QR code card to charge your Blynk account. I did scan the QR code to charge my Blunk Account. The LED on the Blynk Board wasn’t lighting up, so I returned and got a new one. The new card with the QR code doesn’t seem to work (it says QR code is not valid) - I was assuming it will erase the old charge and reload the new one. But, the old charge is still valid. However - I am not sure if the QR code is tied to a Blynk Board or not and if connecting the Blynk Board will still work. Tried to reach SparkFun with no luck after 10+ days - so trying here.

I went ahead and connected the Blynk Board thru USB to my laptop. I followed the steps outlined:

  • LED flashed according to instructions
  • From the Blynk app, I have set it up as:
    • Choose Device: SparkFun Blunk Board
    • Connection Type: WiFi
  • Clicked “SetUp New Device”; followed the steps there
  • Went to WiFi settings on iPhone and chose the relevant WiFi network; for me, this was: BlynMe-GRPG
  • The color of the LED on the Blynk Board changed to flashing Purple color (as pre instructions)
  • Went back to Blynk app
  • It tries to connect (3 dancing “green” dots on the screen), but comes back with the message of “no internet connection” and to retry.

Just trying to do the basic connection, before I can embark on connecting to my other IOT projects.

Any advice on how to proceed? Is this related to the QR code not working for the board? Or - something that I am doing wrong?

Appreciate any help here.


Hi - I have tried few other methods, but am still unsuccessful. Here is the link from SparkFun (Option 3) I tried:

I get to copying the Blynk authentication token on on my iPhone and when I click Apply, I get the message: “Match the requested format” on the auth token. Cannot proceed further.

Looking for ideas on how to move forward.

@PeteKnight - would love to hear from you; I know you are an avid user and have solved several of my problems before.

Also - if somebody is aware of paid services to enabling App-based service for IOT projects, please let me know as well.


Here’s my advice…


May be what i am going to ask is off topic, if yes please don’t mind.

I just went to the link mentioned above (spark fun)
And they have there own version of the blynk app (app export / buyout) i guess.

Is this possible for an individual to get the same app registered to us if we buyout the app ?

I don’t think it is a different version, it just has a different colour scheme.
If you follow Sparkfun’s links to the app/play store then it’s exactly the same app as one you’re currently running.


Can we buy something exactly like that?

Yes, prices start from $415 per month…


Yeah yeah i am super aware of this monthly plan from many years… its way toooooooooo costly for an individual or for a startup…

My question was are they giving the same exact replica of the Blynk app or not ? For buyout !!

I can’t imagine Blynk allowing anyone to buy the source code to the app - it would be madness in my opinion.
But, that’s a conversation to have with the guys over at


When question’s are misunderstood, we sometimes feel it’s madness. No offence. :+1:t2:

Well, if someone were to “buy out” the app (your words) then you’d be buying the source code/IPR and be taking over responsibility for maintenance/publishing the app in your preferred modified format.

If you’re interested in having a customised version of the mainstream app then this is available, as part of the paid plans.

It seems to me that you’re wanting a customised/personalised app without paying the going monthly rate. That may be possible, for a one-off fee, but that isn’t a conversation that the Blynk owners will have with you here, hence my suggestion to contact them via the appropriate channel…


Thanks Pete for your suggestions and nice write-up for beginners - since I have invested on the board and sensors (Qwiic connect) from SparkFun, I will see continue debugging and might look at your other suggestions as well.