Blynk with LabVIEW

I’m familiar with LabVIEW programming language. And I’m now working on communicating with Blynk from LabVIEW. I find it super easy with instruction from here.

I upload some code (of course in LabVIEW) here to see if some of you are interested in.


Data Pack

Data Unpack


Also, National Instruments has so many products handling data I/O. I’m considering of making the data available in Blynk app with the implementation of LabVIEW code.
So it’ll build a connection between Blynk and NI. :wink:


Could you also upload project files?

Beautiful! Great work!

Looks nice. Can you share LabVIEW code ?

Here’s the link to my repo. Hopefully it will help.


Thank you very much. You save me lot of work. It is nice job what you have done. Very professional.

great work juncaofish

There are however quite a few sub vi’s missing from the code…example sub vi missing from vi Blynk

Would it be possible to place them on GitHub?


Reading the project overview I discovered this topic. Very interesting, because I have Labview installed. Of course I downloaded you project and tried to test it with a Blynk console. The problem was how to build the Blynk console (hardware, virtual pins control?). Do you have more examples for both sides (Blynk and Labview).

Thanks and regards…

Great work, but I only managed to write a value to a virtual pin and send it to the Blynk app on my android device using Blynk Virtual
I tried to write a value to a led using Blynk but it didn’t work. I don’t know why.

Did anyone managed to write a value to a virtual pin from the blynk app and read it in labview ? Something like a Blynk Virtual


I tested it and it works, great job man, I just have a question, is there a way to read a virtual pin from the Blynk aplication, I mean if I have a virtual button on my aplication and want to activate something in labview, so far you can only send values to the aplication but not recieve values from it.


isn’t there a virtual blynkread vi by any chance? and btw great work (Y)