Blynk video streaming

Hello everyone i have installed the ip camera app on my android phone i want to see the footage on blynk video stream plugin i have inserted the http://192.168.x.x
I dont know why its not working
I have even done port forwarding but still not working can anyone tell how i can use video streaming addon on blynk its really important for me
What app should i download that turns my android phone into ip camera and i can view it on blynk

@scientist1995 what make and model is your IP camera? IP address alone is not normally enough and quite often requires a specific port but also a specific url.

Most sub $100 IP cameras, until recently, don’t provide streams that comply with the Android media spec.

IP cameras that have H264 / MP4 streams are now available from $20.

This thread has some useful info regarding streaming from an Android phone to Blynk Blynk video streaming success!

I tried various app i want to convert my android phone into ip camera n view it in blynk app i tried few app like rtsp server
Didn’t work

I have a similar problem using a raspberry pi with a raspberry pi camera. Using rpi cam web interface to create a stream. I know it works as can view the php in chrome on android. I just get the green spheres!

Any suggestions?

@Powlow it appears that the Pi camera will not work with Android


Many thanks for the reply!

That would explain my issue, looking at that link it suggests I could use gstreamer, do you think this may work?

@Powlow yes something like gstreamer, VLC and OBS Studio should work but they are far from satisfactory. It is much better if the camera has native support for Android streams.

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Well im back trying to get video workong again! Trying uv4l which seems to get the stream going but blynk just wont play the stream! Such a shame its so fiddly as its a great concept!

As a note: RTSP stream over TCP generally works, but It seems not every stream is the same as not every from owned IP cameras works. In other APP I’m using on Andoid ALL streams are fine.

Hi. After updating local server to version 0.20.1 and Blynk app with multiple devices on android phone, I lost a video rtsp H264 stream on video widget. Please help.

Could you please explain what do you mean by “lost”?

No video now and before stream was. Another type of camera working OK.

Which app you are using

Blynk of course and IP Cam viewer.

I’m using TinyCam monitor. My favourite.

Hey is that available on playstore??
Have u converted your phone into ip camera??
Through app??

Oh no! This (TinyCam monitor - available on PLAY )is a kind of mobile DVR (though I do not use recording feature). I’m not using any that streams video from smartphone.

@scientist1995 I have just tested RTSP Camera Server using a Nexus 4 as the “IP Camera”. Give it a try.

It worked fine in Blynk on my Samung Note 8 (ver.4.4.2) but NOT on my Nexus 6 (ver.7.0), using the following URL’s:

Active camera - rtsp://(device ip address):5554/camera
Back camera - rtsp://(device ip address):5554/back
Front camera - rtsp://(device ip address):5554/front

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@Gunner you mean which app should i download budie??

If you have a stream that will not play on your Smartphone could you perhaps provide the full codec details as advised by VLC. There should be a video stream (e.g. H264 MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)) and an audio stream (e.g. PCM ALAW).

Also provide Smartphone make, model and Android version.