Blynk Server Block registration

Hi !
I am working with a Raspberry pi 3 and Blynk Server (0.39.8), it’s working perfectly but I’d like to know if it what possible to block user registration. I already have my user account created and I won’t create new ones. I want to do this as I am afraid someone could create one if he has my IP. (tell me if i’m stressing for nothing :wink: )
I’ve opened the app port on my box as I need it to be.
Sorry if my English isn’t perfect !


YES, you can block it. Just follow the “manual” in file :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand the answer:

Just follow the “manual” in file

I checked the example file and didn’t see anything to help.

Could you provide more details?


I had difficulty at first finding the same file, here are my mini instructions.

create a server.cfg file and add these lines (edit to your settings)

start the server with the new config

java -jar server-0.41.2.jar -serverConfig server.cfg

login to the admin console using the username and password you entered in the server config.

navigate to Config >
pull copy/paste all the stuff you want to change, add the lines you want to change to the server.cfg file.

These arent perfect instructions, but they work for me when i setup my local server.

Does this operation prevent a random user from registering their Blynk project with my local server?

oops i read the question wrong (apologies), been a long day. I see what you’re trying to do, find the setting that locks out new users from creating an account.

looking still.

try this .,
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Oops… i fubbed again… Batting zero for the night.

So, basically no options in the Local Server to restrict users, only via whatever security you set on your router/network.

What the future will bring is still undetermined, but marking this solved as it at least shows an answer.

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No longer supported and was removed.

Wow, thanks for info. So now my server is “open” to everyone?.. Still no new, unknown users though.

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Only if you let us know your Public IP and port :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can share it here, I won’t tell anyone :innocent:


Sure, I bet you won’t :wink: Same for me - I won’t tell/share anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found, that a kind of “workaround” might be the settings. It will allow to create account, but this will be useless.


Good solution! :+1: