Blynk New 2.0 and Blynk Legacy

Hello, I have 2 questions about Blynk Legacy and New Blynk

  1. Is Blynk Legacy stopped after New Blynk is completed?
  2. Data on Projects of Blynk Legacy and New Blynk are synchronized in the future?
  3. Policies about Blynk Legacy and New Blynk please send me if it is available on


Hey there,

Until this moment, you can still use Blynk legacy only if you already have an account, if you don’t have an account then it’s not possible to create one anymore.

Blynk legacy will be retired at some point, maybe very soon.

Privacy Policy | Blynk.

No. The two systems are totally separate, and it’s not possible to import the historical data from Legacy into IoT because of the different ways that datastreams are defined.


“Blynk legacy will be retired at some point, maybe very soon”
The above information is correct?
In this case, how will customers use Blynk Legacy?
In case of replacing Blynk Legacy application with New Blynk completely I think you should have early notice for users about 6 months to convert all applications via the new App

Yes, of course.

They won’t - it will be retired.

I guess you haven’t been following discussions on this forum for the past few years?

Maybe starting here would be a good place to begin catching-up…


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Pete. Thanks for the information you have shared
I am also starting to transfer my app to New Blynk.

The above examples are still good for new Blynk?

Yes. Read this

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I have a question for the Authors: I received a push notification about a discount for a legacy user when switching to blynk IOT, I can’t find any information about this anywhere, there’s nothing in my email either, where can I find out the details about this?
Thank you.

The information is in the URL that was included in the push notification, which is…

The relevant paragraphs are:

Promotion for legacy users:
For those of you who purchased Energy in the legacy app, we provide 50% discount on the first year of Plus or PRO subscription! Look out for the promo code in your legacy app. The promo code can be redeemed in Blynk.Console only and is valid until Aug 31, 2022. For first-time subscribers only.

Note: The code will work with the monthly subscription purchase too, but will apply to the first month only. The following months will be charged at full price, so we strongly recommend choosing the yearly option to maximize savings.


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This is exactly what is not very convenient if you didn’t save the information from the push notification in a hurry :wink:
Pete, thanks for the information.

I didn’t save the code. I assumed it will be in email. How can I get the code. I have Notification History turned on, on my Android device, there is nothing there either.
Thank you!


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