Blynk mobile buttons

Hi Blynk team

Can we please have an option to be able to send nothing on a button release within mobile apps? (Button, styled button)

Currently sends a 0 on release

This would be fantastic. It will cut down on
Data usage (cellular)
Data processing
Program interruption
Interruptions to bit banging

I don’t understand how this would work in practice.

If the app doesn’t update the widget status on the server then the server will still believe that the current widget value is On, and the web dashboard will also show the widget as being On.


Would you not be better off using a switch instead of a button in this case?

I don’t understand how your button would ever turn “off” if it never sends the 0.

With a switch it will just stay “on” or 1 for as long as the switch is on, which in your use-case is apparently forever?

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I am using styled buttons. They look much nicer than standard buttons and have a lot more functionality IMO much better for dynamic keypads and most importantly can be sized down much more that regular buttons

You are right if you are using a switch in “switch mode”
I am using “Push” mode. There is currently no web dash board that supports styled or push buttons yet.

If people were concerned about always being on you do have the “invalidate after x” in data stream setups.

On the message side you only receive a 1 once per update and with code this is not an issue.

I basically use it as a messaging service from app to device.

You are a Gem :gem:. You do fantastic work on this forum!!

Yes I agree but you can do as @Blynk_Coeur MentionS


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I still can’t see the sense in this to be honest, but I guess it depends on what the Blynk developers think.


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I think you need to use the menu widget or text input in that case. Button always has 2 states on/off. It should work in that way. Also, according to our data - the main issue for the “low data” devices is sensor data (data send from the device), not actions over the device.

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