Blynk local server losses Account when restarted


I just installed the Blynk local server on my Raspberry Pi 3 as explained on GitHub.

I am using Blynk Android App to connect to the server.

Everything seems to work ok:

  • I can “Create New Account”
  • Then I can “Create New Project” and add some widgets
  • If I Log Out and then Log In to the same account everything I created is still there.

Until here everything seems to be ok. But then the following two errors appear:

  1. I cannot send e-mail with the “AUTH TOKEN”. Error message:
    “EMail was not sent to your login acc. Please check your network connection”
    Network is working well so I do not understand why do this message appear.

  2. If I restart Raspberry Pi, Blynk local server is relaunched automatically but when I try to Log In to the account I created before it says:
    “user is not registered”
    It seems like it is not saving my Account, but I do not understand why.

Can anybody tell me what should I do to fix this issue please?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Search the forum for “pathway”.

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Or read carefully quick start instruction


Thank you for yor quick answer :slight_smile:

I have read the “pathway” post as @Costas sugested. It seems his problem is not the same as mine. He could not even create an account, but me I can. The problem is that when I restart the server the account disappears. In that same post
I have seen a problem regarding the /path. /path does not exist and when the user creates the account, it was erased after reset. But this is not my case. Me I am using the one specified on the new instructions /home/pi/Blynk (this path does exists on my raspberry).

Thank you also @Dmitriy. I have carefully readen the quick local server setup for raspberry. I have followed all the steps one by one but I still have the same problem.

Do you have another suggestion?


I think it’s a permission issue on the Pi side, but not sure.

If you create an account via the App, do you see the files being created?


You seem to be right. There no file inside /home/pi/Blynk after I create a new account from my App.

Do you know how to solve that?

can you do an ls -ltha in the folder above your data folder? It should show the owner of the folder and rights it has.

@Ragdehl please show us how do you run server. Do you see some error in logs? Latest server?

Which folder you do mean? /home/pi/Blynk?

To run server I launch the following command:

java -jar server-0.18.3.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk

When I launch it with this command, the following message appears:

The content on blynk.log file is the next one:

For the automatic start at boot I added @reboot java -jar /home/pi/server-0.18.3.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk & at the file that appears when I launch “crontab -e”

It appears you al ready started an instance of the server, as the top message indicates. I don’t see any creation of files, so the server cannot make the folders. This looks like an issue with permissions. I think, but I’m not sure, that you need to run the server as root.

  1. check if there is al ready a server running:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ps -ef | grep java

Output should be similar to this:

OpenELEC:~ # ps -ef | grep java
16067 root     521:27 /storage/java/jre/bin/java -jar /storage/blynk/server.jar -dataFolder /media/Data2/blynk-files
24017 root       0:00 grep java

The proces with ID 16067, in this case, is my own Blynk server. If it’s running you can kill it with:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo kill -9 16067

Of course change the proces ID to the one on your own system. Now try starting it with “sudo” in front of it, like the above command and see what that does. Does it create the log dir and can you register to it with your app? And if so, does the user file appear in the data folder you specified at startup?

no need in -9 :slight_smile:

Well, it will be deader than a dodo if you do :wink:

It stills says that ports are busy.
This is what I have on the files generated on /home/pi/./logs:

  • In blynk.log:
    it says that Certificate /home/pi is not valid. Furthermore it cannot initialise port 8080

  • In blynk.log.2016-10-16:
    I can see that he detects when I connect from the App, but then more error messages appear.
    In this document again, something that surprises me is that when he writes the WARN message saying that my “user is not registered” it shows / ip address, but my raspberry pi address is Is it normal?

Maybe I should erase all the files and try to do all the procedure again from 0?

No. You need just to kill existing and running Blynk server.

Sorry, YOu are right. You killed server and log has old message. Yes you can remove log files.

That is weird, are there any other services running on ports that Blynk uses? You can change the ports for blynk in the file. Maybe that will help. If you do a

netstat -an | grep 8443

for example, you can see if there is anything bound to that port. It can help troubleshoot if the port is al ready bound to another application.

It seems that port 8080 was being used by another application. I changed it and now is only used by Blynk server. Anyway, the error is still there :pensive:

where can I find this server.propierties file?

I removed Blynk and local paths by this way

sudo rm -r -f /home/pi/Blynk
sudo rm -r -f /home/pi/./local

also removed “server-0.18.3.jar” file and started the process again… and again the same error appears :disappointed:

If I open blynk.log file this are the first warning message I see:

016-10-17 21:59:07.157 WARN - ATTENTION. Certificate /home/pi and key /home/pi paths not valid. Using embedded certs. This is not secure. Pleas$
2016-10-17 21:59:10.840 WARN - ATTENTION. Server certificate paths cert : ‘/home/pi’, key : ‘/home/pi’ - not valid. Using embedded server certs $
2016-10-17 21:59:12.951 WARN - ATTENTION. Certificate /home/pi and key /home/pi paths not valid. Using embedded certs. This is not secure. Pleas$
2016-10-17 21:59:14.813 WARN - ATTENTION. Certificate /home/pi and key /home/pi paths not valid. Using embedded certs. This is not secure. Pleas$
2016-10-17 21:59:16.913 WARN - ATTENTION. Certificate /home/pi and key /home/pi paths not valid. Using embedded certs. This is not secure. Pleas$

I think the problem is here but I don’t know how to solve it…

Use GOOGLE (it’s an internet search engine).

SERP #1 for ‘Blynk’ is the actual template you require.