Blynk Local Server - deleted "" account re-appears?

If i login, delete the “” account and log out. If I enter the same default “” login details it logs in and recreates the account ?

I bit of a longish topic about the Admin Page… but yes, the default login seems to reappear… particularly if you recreate it :stuck_out_tongue:

So anyone could type in the default login details, recreate the account, and gain access?
For me there’s nothing of major importance in there, but for some, wouldn’t that be a serious security problem?

Well, I think you can change the password and that will remain stable.

I deleted my admin account and it has not returned… but then I haven’t tried to enter those credentials… I think I will test that now :wink:

But if I delete it

So changing the password is the only option?

@Dmitriy ?

I guess yours re-appeared too then? :smiley:

No… my browser remembers my last login for an indeterminable time… probably have to close everything down first. I will try later.

Just realised this (well the latter part of my post) should apply to your issue as well