Blynk Library v0.4.0 is released

It is highly recommended to update your hardware to this version!

What’s new?

  • New hardware support:
  • OpenWrt (package repository here )
  • App Export support for Arduino MKR1000
  • ESP32 Dev Board
  • BBC Micro:Bit (with BLE)
  • DFRobot Bluno
  • DFRobot BLE-Link module
  • Microduino/mCookie Bluetooth LE module
  • New features:
  • Geo DNS redirect
  • GPS Stream widget
  • Energia IDE: device detection and simplified example structure
  • Server can now print warnings with BLYNK_CMD_DEBUG_PRINT
  • Indicator LED animation generator for App export
  • Fixed more build warnings
  • Arduino Yun is using BridgeClient now
  • Spaces win. All tabs converted to spaces :wink:

Please find more info and download zip on the github:
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The Particle library will be updated soon.


so now i can control my Hardware if it’s available in different region?
as before i have to change the automatic to it region IP so i can control my device.

@scropion86 not right now. GEO DNS fix consists of 3 steps. Library update, app update, sever update. First step is done. Now we need to release apps with GEO DNS fix. After that we will release new server fix. And only after that in case you updated your library and apps you’ll see no geo problem anymore :slight_smile:.

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thanks for detailed explanation :+1:

Hi vhymanskyy,

Not sure if the problem I started having is because of the new library, but my hardware started hanging and my pH sensor is giving wrong values. When I reset the hardware everything works file, but after around 7 hours I have the same issue with performance and wrong sensor values. I tried to go back to version 3.8 (which I had before the update to 4.0) to test, but was not able to find it online. Can you please help?

First line is ok :wink:

My arduino mega with ethernet is also having much trouble staying online since the latest library/server upgrade. Not sure what it is, but I’ll keep an eye put for more weirdness :slight_smile:

Please enable BLYNK_DEBUG and send your serial output, if possible.

Do you have any of the new sensor widgets in your project?

Yeah I do, so I’ll be removing those first, just to check they are not messing with stuff :slight_smile:

My WeMos was really struggling with the light and proximity sensors, especially the light sensor. Removed them and touch wood it seems ok again now.

@BlynkAndroidDev - could you check data frequency for these widgets, please?

I’ve removed said widgets and related code (accelero, GPS etc.) For now I only have Proximity and Lux meter active on the dash, but I assume that doesn’t really generate any load on the arduino.

From serial debug I see, after project started, about 10 messages every 10 seconds, so that’s next to nothing. I’ll keep an eye out. My hardware even got stuck a couple times the last few days… I’ll be back with more reports :slight_smile:

In my case everything is running smoothly since I connected my hardware to the computer to get the serial output. So this might be due to my power source not being able to provide the required power demands? Not sure if this is caused by the new Blynk library as the same power source was working fine before the update.

To be honest, I’m having some serious issues myself with same hardware as before, but with the new Blynk Library it’s going a bit downhill.

Currently I’m rewriting my home domotic stuff to be more elegant and less time consuming, better code, optimizations and whatnot. Same hardware, ENC28J60 connect to Arduino Mega but here is one major issue … it keeps disconnecting, litterally, all of the time. About every 2 or 3 seconds.

BUT wait! Here it comes, as soon as I output DEBUG info to serial port, it runs like a charm… I have no idea what is going on here. My terminal is also acting weird, sometimes outputting two or three times what I send to it and my former reset function also doesn’t work anymore. After it has been “reset” it just gets stuck at connecting to the LAN/Ethernet port.

@vshymanskyy you got any ideas? I don’t see really weird output on the serial monitor with debug enabled, but it’s a constant factor. Without debug I disconnect all the time and with debug, print to serial and serial port enabled it goes fine.

I noticed the same with the new library and the new sensors. Dropping the network connection without debug enabled and fine with it enabled. I removed debug plus the sensors and OK now.

Guys, this is really weird… I can’t think about a possible reason behind this.
This may be because of timing. BUT, timing shouldn’t have changed (no such changes were made).
I think I will have to try to reproduce this. Unfortunately I don’t have ENC28J60 currently, and my ESP8266 seems to be stable.
Could you please all tell me what hardware you have? Thanks.

WeMos D1 Mini (ESP8266) for me.

It appears to be a bit more stable with debug enabled, but still connection drops every once in a while.

You can send me your address @vshymanskyy and I’ll happily donate an enc so you can check on that too.

I also notices my eventor events keep changing to unknown… As if the pins aren’t remembered. This is from a vpin trigger equals to 0 or 1 to trigger another vpin from 0 to 1 and vice versa.