Blynk Library for Arduino v0.4.3 is released

In this release

  • New features:
  • Update to Arduino IDE 1.8.0
  • Add Check for updates to Tools menu [beta]
  • Add Run USB script to Tools menu [beta]
  • BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED() support (will be available soon)
  • Add .config() support for Particle
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Fix syncVirtual with multiple pins
  • Improved GSM/GPRS support
  • Fix virtualWrite issue with F() strings
  • Travis CI updated

Grab the latest version here:
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Please post here your feedback about this release. Thank you!


what are these mean?
should i have them in the tools menu?

yes, after you install latest library

  • the 1.8.0 ide i have clean installed some days ago.
  • the library clean installed right now (copied all the folders from the zip file in the arduino lib folder)
  • restarted the ide

but these new entries won’t show up in the tools menu…
or i do not understand how should i do.

Ok, let me check it.

but, anyway, what are these new functions should do?
didn’t we already got updates regarding the blynk lib via the built in lib manager?

I updated to Arduino IDE 1.8.0 and Blynk v0.4.3
Also I copied the folders to the library

When I open my Arduino IDE than I get a error message:
Invalid library found in C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Arduino\libraries\tools:

How can I correct this ?
What´s wrong?

if you want a quick temporary solution, just try to delete the tools folder from the arduino libraries folder.

Thank you, that what I´m thinking also.
But it contains the blynk updater and I´m expecting that this will be need ?
It should be one of the new features ? right?

yes, but i mean you can just delete it, until the problem will be solved, if you need to use the ide.

Thank you I hope that one of the founders will read this and solve the issue.

Ok, sorry guys - it is not that easy.
I just updated the release zip file, so just reinstall it.
The tools will not be available - I will post here when I add them back again.

Must I change all folders or is it sufficient to delete the tools folder ?

yes, tools was just in wrong place, but this impacts also some code, so tools will be updated.
just remove tools for now
Sorry for inconvenience!

I put the tools back into the package.

If you want to give them a try, please download latest release zip from

@Brummer, @wanek

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Blynk library contains multiple libraries, so it is easier to update through the tool menu.

Is this just for the 1 main Blynk library or for all 6 libraries?

It updates the whole release package.
You will see the process once the library gets updated once again.



…any info about the “run usb script” function?