Blynk Joystick widget for Quadcopter control


From watching your introduction I noticed Blynk has drone(quadcopter) control feature. I would like use that feature. Any suggestion? Where should I start?

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Is any technical specifications or details available yet? :smile:

Joystick widget is in progress currently. So I believe you’ll be able to do that soon. We are currently providing internet communication only, which I think might limit drone’s capabilities. But you can still build an architecture like:
Smartphone - internet - arduino - radio - drone

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I see @Pavel . Does Blynk work in a local network without internet connection?

Yes, it does. Just install local server, and you are good to go.

You also asked me about an interface via email. Could you tell us what would you like to see?

UI design, its’ look of joysticks and buttons, their positions whether more button could be added etc. From sending button/joystick data, how does it send? What will be format?

Currently our quadcopter receives joystick inputs via UDP, left and right joystick positions will be send in sequencial 4 packets. In simple char figure:

| Smartphone | --> (WiFI AP) <–> (Our drone)

You can add widgets in the app and arrange them in any way. This is one of the Blynk powers :wink:

We use TCP/IP for connection. The average size of 1 packet is ~14bytes.
You can take a look on our libraries and server code here:


Indeed, we could do UDP, when finish other high priority tasks like all widgets =). And anyway it will still require server.

Regarding message size it is indeed ~10 bytes + TCP/IP header itself 40 bytes, so ~50 bytes in total for average hardware command.


Hey guys, did you manage to pull this off?
Im trying to find a way to connect smartphone to AP(esp8266) to control GPIO without using internet/router… I guess you guys are trying the same thing?

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Hey guys, Anybody here was able to fly his quadcopter through Blynk. I am working on it and would like to know how that works.