Blynk IoT - Not Enough Energy?

Tried making some changes on the mobile dashboard and got a pop-up that I don’t have enough energy to add more widgets. Even tried deleting a couple, still not enough energy. Can’t see how much I have or how much widgets use.

Only article I’ve found says IoT doesn’t use energy like legacy: The old version of Blynk will be retired at some point, you should start planning your migration to the new version

Pixel 2
Android 11
App version 1.3.7

That’s right

It depends on what plan do you have,
Free plan 30 widgets per template per device.
Plus plan 80 widgets per template per device.
Pro plan 255 widgets per template per device.

Are you sure you’re using Blynk IoT? What exact message do you see?

John was correct, I had exceeded the widget limit. (Not sure how I got past the limit previously; I had to delete a handful of Labeled Values to be able to add 1 Slider)

Here is a screenshot of the message, confirming I’m on IoT:

That is a Blynk Legacy screenshot, so your Blynk app version can’t be…


it’s blynk IOT, but the message is weird :thinking:

Here is a screenshot of the app’s “About” page:

Yes this is the latest version of blynk IOT.

I’m guessing that you have both the IoT and Legacy apps installed on your phone.
The screenshots are from different apps.


I’m pretty sure that both screenshots belongs to blynk IOT.

The first image looks very different to the iOS IoT app in edit mode, but almost identical to Legacy iOS.

I don’t have access to an Android device to check, but I’d be surprised if the first screenshot was IoT.


Android 11 edit mode

I reinstalled legacy to grab a screenshot of a low energy message, not the same:

@waldmannr you’re using blynk IOT on Android device, am I right ?


@BlynkAndroidDev do we still have “energy” message?

No, we have no such error messages in the new app

We found a place where it shows something similar to the old code message - we will fix it. Looks like you have reached your plan limit for widgets amount in the template

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