Blynk IoT application V.1.2.0 for Android

What’s new:
Labeled Display and Link Image Button widgets are now available in the Free plan.

Actually - not.

I see the same label UPGRADE near these widgets and no way to add them to the dashboard. Reinstalled application - the same result. Am I misunderstood something?

Looks like a bug in the release fix. @BlynkAndroidDev please fix.

WebPage Image Button should definitely be in Free Plan. Labeled widget will be fixed - we are uploading a new version soon.

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WebPage Image Button should definitely be in Free Plan.

As I see it here:

WebPage Image Button (aka Link Image Button) is in the end of the Widget Box. It is not the Image Button

Got it. Yes, it is available, sorry.

New versions is uploaded to Play Store, I hope it will be available to update today later and Labeled Display will be available to use in Free Plan.


It’s available for 3h :wink:

What about my android beta tester subscription ?

As I remember you are on the early access list already. We will start some open beta (so users will be able to join/leave it) later when the new app’s design will be in the more or less ready state.

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Update should be already available.

The updated app is OK now. Thank you!


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