Blynk Energy

Hi blynk
I need to connect 10 sensor to blynk app but my energy is 2000
Have you any Solution?

There are two solutions:

  1. Buy energy.
  2. Set up a local server and give yourself as much energy as you want.


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I cant buy Energy
Have another way for recive free Eenergy?

Why can’t you buy energy?


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why not using local server ?

I’m a beginner and have no information about the local server … can you help me? Is this local server offline or online?

it’s offline and can running in your linux or windows machine for free.
here the documentation:

I saw this on github but it is dumb for me… i no understand what to do

Then leave the setting-up and running of the server to the experts, and pay for this by buying reusable energy.


I tried to create local server but this me

ssage is appeared

It’s better run it on linux. on you virtualbox install a linux os like ubuntu or raspbian desktop then try again.

Server ports are busy , edit server properties.
Maybe port 80 is busy or server is already running.
Kill all java instances with windows task manager

How to?
Please help me😔

Do a NETSTAT at MS-DOS prompt to see open ports

Thanks for your guids…i created a local server by successfuly… after create server i connect my computer to my phone hotspot and upload codes to nodemcu board and also connect it to my hotspot …i would control a led …but my codes not work

What Custom Server settings did you use when you logged in to the app on your phone?


And is that the IP address of your new Blynk server?
Can you ping it from your phone?

Is the Blynk server software running?


Connection is done but when I press the button to turn on the LED. The LED does not turn on

Explaining that earlier would have been useful!


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