Blynk Communication Protocol

Hi. I’m trying to make project about integrating node mcu esp8266 with Blynk. I want to know what is the default communication protocol used between esp8266 and Blynk also between Blynk cloud/server with mobile phone app. I’ve read Blynk documentation but still confused. The documentation mentioned that communication protocol used is by sending “Message size is 1 byte + 2 bytes + 2 bytes + messageBody.length”. What kind of communication is this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The mobile app to/from Blynk cloud server and web dashboard to/from Blynk cloud server protocols are not publicly available.

The communication between the device and the cloud server is proprietary, across a keep-alive ssl/tls connection on port 443 or plain tcp/ip connection on port 80.

If you enable debugging in a C++ sketch you can see the data that is transferred between the device and cloud server. More info here…


why not use the library?