Blynk Board ESP8266 - Wi-Fi connection

Hello everybody. I’m new to this forum and I just got my first Blynk Board ESP8266.
//running Windows 8, my phone is iPhone 6

I have problem connecting board to Wi-Fi or my phone. I have connected board over USB cable to my PC. LED is blinking red, green and blue (all the time). Wi-Fi signal from board is called ESP_DD0F0C. It should be called BlynkMe-BGRG.

Phone will eventually connect to this network, but later when I’m trying to set up board in APP it says “Can’t connect :(”.

I have tried all 3 troubleshooting option and had no luck.

[1333] SparkFun Blynk Board Hardware v1.0.0
[1334] SparkFun Blynk Board Firmware v1.0.2
[1358] Performing self test

Failed to connect to WiFi
Si7021 test succeeded
ADC test failed: 3.20
IO test failed

Thank you for answers.