Blynk BLE connected Android App does not update connection status

There is an UI update issue in the Blynk 2.18.2 Android App. After waking up it automatically connects via BLE to the ESP32 and displays the current data, but it keeps the “there is an issue - 1” on the device Button. If you tap the button, the device slides open and updates the status to online and OK.

Android: 6.0

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@Gunner maybe you had disabled ‘notify when the device goes offline’ option? BLE projects fail to show the connected state of a device for a different reason. You could create separate topic for the investigation of your issue.

@sandman42 we’ll try to fix that in the nearest release.

Interesting… I often get the orange error messages along the bottom telling me my BLE device is not connected… but thing is I only have one rarely used project that even uses BLE, and project is NOT running… and the errors pop up in unrelated projects.

Will do… it is more a peeve then a progress blocking issue… I just stop believing in the error :stuck_out_tongue:

Please check 2.19.1 build, if it would not change anything, I’ll create a logging build for your issue to get logs from your device and fix it in the next release.

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Still the same behavior here with release 2.19.2. Coming back from sleep/screensaver blynk app starts to update the values in the project instantly, but keeps the “1” error status until you hit the device icon.

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I’ve reproduced this behavior, in the next release the issue will be fixed.