Blynk Babylon project - making Blynk available for all the languages

Hungarian translation is kind of ready. I tried to guess the contexts in which the strings would be used,

(Great project! Keep on updating!)

I think the only way to see context is to release app with translations :slight_smile:.

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That’s fine for me, but I like to know when it’s released asap so I can put in some time to check most of the translations and submit updates if I find anything :slight_smile:

Not very soon I think.

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Whew! Translated 40 words in korean.
Now we just have to get a person to translate the 430 words left XD

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From my point of view at the moment there is no so many words for translating Blynk to our native languages. I think that i didn’t spent more than 2 hours. Paid plans (Blynk business solutions) are too expensive for me because I’m in the middle of prototyping phase so I’m planning to use free app at the beginning. Guys from Blynk give us chance to spend some time to translate app (with unicode characters support) and I hope that everybody will use that chance. Maybe some of you think that you do some very important job for Blynk. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t do that for Pavel, Dmitriy and rest of Blynk team, you do it for yourself, your family and maybe your future costumers.

P.S. Serbian translation is done. :slight_smile:


Kazakh translation is done! :slight_smile:

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That’s fine too, just a heads up would be nice when the time has come so we can all look at it and submit fixes :slight_smile:

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started on romanian as well

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Turkish translation is started but not finished :slight_smile:

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Indonesian Translation in progress

Hi Blynk,
Indonesian Translation is Done.
Warm Regards

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ottimo lavoro, ho inserito tra parentesi alcune parole alternative

great job, I put in brackets some alternative words

@Pavel @vshymanskyy @Dmitriy, and everyone @your team!
Thank you for THE BEST looking and working app!
I’ve corrected a couple of russian labels: “неактивен” instead of “не активен” - rule of contradistinction, blah-blah…
I agree that context is very important to make the correct choice of words && word endings (at least in Russian language). For instance “неактивен” regarding an event should be “неактивнО”)
Please include another column that specifies widget name for each row of labels.

And maybe another column (merged rows?) for widget info.
I mean for this:

I have added german translations, but I am sure there is room for improvement :slight_smile:

Hello, we are a small IT team from Romania, and we wanna help with translation of the mobile aplication and web interface in our language(Romanian). :smile: We are using Blynk in our projects and it is a great tool. :heart_eyes:

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Would be happy to help with French if still required…

need help?

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I can translate to farsi persian :slight_smile:

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