Blynk as MQTT client?

I’ve read a lot of thread about this argument, but still I don’t understand if it’s possible to use Blynk as MQTT client, without Node-Red as brdige. If it’s possible, what’s the broker address ( I guess) and port? It’s possible to connect via TCP or only WSS? What’s user and password of the broker? Blynk username and token of the project?

I’m able to connect to at port 8440 but I’m disconnected after a while, I guess I’m wrong somewhere.

Blynk does not use MQTT protocol.

I guess you could use an Arduino/ESP/NodeMCU device as a Blynk to MQTT bridge without using Node-Red.

You’d need to establish a connection to Blynk and your MQTT server and do an MQTT publish when a BLYNK_WRITE event occurred and Blynk.virtualWrite when an MQTT message arrived that you wanted to pass to Blynk.

A bit of a messsy solution in my opinion though. To be honest, Node-Red is easy to get to grips with, and if you’re running your own MQTT server it can probably run on the same device.


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I already evaluated the idea to integrate an MQTT to Blynk bridge in my device, but I can’t do it because of lack of memory in my ESP8266 (my sketch occupy a large amount of memory even if I already use SPIFFS and PROGMEM).
Hoping that Blynk will integrate MQTT in the next MQTT 5. Blynk UI is awesome!

Well, a NodeMCU with 4mb of memory will only cost a couple of $, so a stand alone Blynk to MQTT to Blynk bridge would be cheap to implement.


Ladies & Gents,
I love Blynk, nice app indeed!
Imagine combining the red and blue lines? Just allow standard MQTT libraries to interface with the Blynk ios dashboard and that’s what you’d achieve!
Engineers like standards and MQTT is becoming a well adopted standard in the IoT space, particularly for process control and instrumentation.
Looking forward to inclusion of MQTT in the Blynk world…

Yeah, this is already the part of the Roadmap for the new Blynk app version.


@naamah75 @mpweng This will be rolled out in a week or so:

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