Blynk App Token

Hi folks, I installed blynk server on my raspberry pi. It has been run well until I upgraded server version from 0.16 to 0.18 , as such my account along with token were deleted for noreason. I tried to create new account on Blynk app but token has change and the device is a bit far away from my office so I would lke to ask if there is any chance to get old account back or change authentication token on Blynk App so that my phone can connect to my hardware again. I tried to change user token in data folder but unsuccess.

Thanks for your value time to read through!!!


That’s weird, because that shouldn’t happen, but nonetheless. Maybe you can change the auth token via the admin panel? https://yourraspihost:7443/admin

There is always a reason. How did you run your server?

I defined a server.propertites file and run the command

java -jar server-0.18.3.jar --dataFolder ./Blynk --serverConfig server.propertities &

I checked the log in this morning and saw that account was deleted after
error parsing file Error : No content to map due to end-of-input

Any idea what happened?

full log

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