How to embed Token in ESP8266 Chip for Realtime Cases

So, Now I have multiple devices to be rolled out. I have seen some videos where we need to put in the token in the Arduino code.

But say I have 10k devices to be rolled out, then how shall I put in the unique token in the code.

Is it done manually?

Kindly guide.

The you would be setup with a business account :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Dmitrity,

I want to know, if I go for blynk solution for my product where I rollout multiple devices for my customers. Now to hardcode the token in the app doesnt seems to be a good option.

how to proceed on it, where each day I am selling a product and customer should be able to register their product with and then start controlling it through app?

Hello. You don’t need to hardcode the token in that case. Here is what we propose -