BLYNK_APP_CONNECT() on Blynk 2.0 issues

I am having issues with the BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED and DISCONNECTED events.
I know in legacy it used to be a setting to be enabled called “NOTIFY DEVICES WHEN APP CONNECTED” under project settings.
But my company is transitioning to Blynk 2.0, and I am trying to get this event to be invoked with the new app.
How do I enable this event callback with Blynk 2.0?
Please it’s kind of urgent, I need an answer A.S.A.P…

Regards Dominick.

No longer supported…


Any alternative?
That explains why I can’t get that to work.
Anyway, my application need to update a gauge for displaying current reading in Amperes from the hardware to the app, I don’t want to spam every second if no user are connected.
How do I know if any user is connected with the app with the new API?

Why not?


Efficiency for customers with busy WiFi, or low bandwidth connections, or metered connections.
I mean, if nobody is looking at the app, why updating the value?
It’s a waist of data.

In the old API I could use the pooling feature “READING RATE” on the app widgets, I saw this is not longer an option.
Is that any widget that can sent a periodical request, so I can update the gauge widgets only when the app needs the data?

I guess it was removed because there are now two ways to view the data, via the app and via the web portal.

The link I provided does say that they may review that decision at some point in the future.

Maybe reducing the write rate from once every second might help the situation?


As you’ve posted the same question in two topics, and both are receiving responses, I’m closing this topic.

In future, please just ask the question in one place.


Let’s keep this specific issue here.
@Dominick_Nicolosi I want to return this feature. However, after the look into a code I found that’s it may be not that easy as I expected. The main problem is that now we have web + apps. So we either need to add WebConnected/Disconnected event as well or we have to extend the AppConnected event to support both web + app.

I think the right solution is to extend the AppConnected with web + app events. As the main use case here is to show the data only when the users opens the app. WDYT?

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I understand,
If it’s not too hard, a timer widget that triggers a “BLYNK_READ(VPIN_ID)” periodically would do this trick.
I could insert this widget (no ui needed, this could be a behind the scene thing) that I can assign a stream, and a pulling intervals. That I can do all the updates from the BLYNK_READ callback for that virtual stream.

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my request would be to keep 2 separate functions

Hi, Have you learned about Automations - Blynk Documentation
May be it could be useful.

my case How to know if app is connected?