How to know if app is connected?

With old Blynk I use first widget’s “reading rate” setting to request virtual pins values for widgets in 5 second intervals only if the app is connected (the app will send ‘read’ every 5 seconds only if it is open).

The new Blynk doesn’t have “reading rate” and app connect and disconnect events are not activated either. How do I know in Arduino sketch that it is meaningful to frequently send values for operational widgets?

You just send the value with a timer on the hardware.

The reading rate is no longer supported. Commercials don’t use this feature at all. And the feature itself if pretty heavy, so it was removed.

@Dmitriy, I understand the “reading rate” removal, but why doesn’t the app connect and disconnect event work?

To send the values for operational widgets every 5 seconds is only useful if the dashboard is open. (for charts I send 2 minute averages on a different virtual pin)