Blynk Android 2.19.0 Keeping CPU Awake?

Android Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 7.0
Blynk Cloud
Android App 2.19.0

Hi, it appears since I updated to the latest app it’s eating my battery? This is over two different days, it appears that it is keeping the CPU awake almost all the time - has anyone else noticed this?

Confirm. The same was noted by me in 2.18.2 already. Although I was not aware of battery drainage, I’ve noticed, that I had data sent to server when app was closed (minimized). And those should be only sent when app is opened. I need to manually KILL the Blynk App!
This is a new issue, as before it wasn’t there!
My Android is 6.0.1

Thanks. We already aware of the issue. Fixing.


No wonder I couldn’t properly sleep last few days :stuck_out_tongue:

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@omegab @marvin7
Guys, please check new 2.19.1 build, if it would not fix this issue - I will send you logging build to debug this issue on your phones. Thanks

As for me - it is fixed. No more data pulled from device is shown when app is not active. Thank You :slight_smile:

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I’m monitoring starting now with a fresh charge.

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With 2.19.2 I appear to have the same battery drain issue:

Happy to help diagnose further,

Do you use home screen widgets? If yes, what are their frequency settings?
Do you use app opened with projects that have enabled ‘keep screen always on’ option?
Are you using GPS Stream/Trigger widgets?

Any of this two options could lead to battery drain.

Hi, no home screen widgets - they are a cool option though!
Don’t use GPS Stream trigger

I do use “Keep Screen Always On” option in my project. But this has never been an issue until I updated?

i can confirm too, the 2.19.2 consumes far too much current. now my phone barely resists 12 hours, normally last for 24+.

i had to force stop the app, to not to drain my battery completely.

i do not use homescreen widget, nor gps.
i have “keep screen on” on all my projects, but i do not leaved it open too much on the last days, so it shouldn’t be the cause

Hm, in any case, the next release will contain additional fixes for the possibility of such issue, if I’ll have enough time - I’ll prepare a logging build for this issue.

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today i used actively only 5 minutes the app, otherwise it was in “background”:

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Yep, on Friday we plan to make a new release, so I expect for this issue to be fixed soon

so you located the cause?
i can do some logs if it needed to.

Yes, I think that issue is fixed, 2.19.2 had a workaround, but next release should have a fix, if not - I’ll create with the release a log build and post here a link, just in case it would not be fixed

the last few weeks i also observed another issue:

sometimes, when the phone switches from wifi to mobile data, i receive fake “hardware gone offline” notifications in the app, but i know for sure that the hardware didn’t gone offline.

it is not very big problem and not happening always, just telling.

There will be several fixes to device status notifications too, I’m not sure, but maybe it will fix this fake notifications issue too. Are they in-app notifications, not the push ones?

they are the ones which you can set in the app > project settings > notify when hw goes offline

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@BlynkAndroidDev, is this issue device or system version specific? I’m just asking, as I haven’t noticed any increase in energy consumption by Blynk app. The only issue I had looks like being “solved”. Although it seems SOMETIMES app doesn’t disconnects, but it happened maybe twice since 2.19.2 upgrade