Blynk and Google assistant integration without ifttt or any other services like that

Im making a project to control lights using esp8266 and relay modules . I wanted to add google assistant funcionality to my project using webhooks.
But even after hours of research i did not find anything but everyone saying to use ifttt. but it is not available for me for some reason.
So is there any way to create a google assistant command in the google assistant console to get webhook without ifttt?

I saw many tutorials and blog posts about this but none of them worked and some don’t even have the correct steps as they are outdated. Can some one help me with this?

You’ll need to use a 3rd party service.

I’ve not heard of IFTTT being unavailable, but they have now started charging for the service if you have more than three recipes.
Zapier is a new alternative, but that also has quite a restrictive approach for the free service.

Sinric takes a very different approach and I understand it works well. They now appear to be phasing-out the free service, but the Pro service is free for up to 3 devices, which makes it much more useable than IFTTT/Zapier. More info here…

The other approach is to use Node-Red and one of the GA plug-ins, along with the Blynk plug-in. This is my approach (although I use Alexa rather than GA).


Is there any tutorial or article explaining the process of setting up?

This covers Node-Red, MQTT, Blynk and Alexa, nbut not Google Assistant…

The Node-Red forum is probably the place to look for GA help.