Blynk.Air not showing New shipment Button in Free account

Just want to know does blynk had stop Air shipment in free account as it’s not showing right there.

Hi Madhusudan,

Firmware OTA Updates is available for a free account. The button may not be displayed if you have reached the limit of 25 shipments - Limits - Blynk Documentation. You need to delete old shipments.

Dmitriy from Blynk

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Thanks I deleted old, Now it works…

@DimitryPB @Seth_MSR the doc is outdated. Updated.

As Free plan has only 2 devices, it doesn’t make sense to allow 25 shipments to be created (like it was before). So with the new deployment the new limit is:

FREE - 2 shipments
PLUS - 10 shipments
PRO - 25 shipments

I think pro should be at least 40 shipments (or more)…