Blynk Air and Mega with ESP8266

Is is possible to upload code using Blynk Air to an Arduino Mega 2560 that has wifi access using a ESP8266 module?



Thank you for the quick response.

yes :slight_smile:

if you extract OTA from the Blynk Edgent example for MKR, you can use it on Mega if you replace the bootloader to Optiboot from MegaCore.
(Edgent OTA for non-esp boards uses my ArduinoOTA library which supports the Mega too)

Mega 2560 release date 2011🤭

Interesting. I’m not sure I understand what you are describing. But sounds promising.

Yep. Too bad it didn’t have wifi built into it at the time. If you know of a wifi enabled, blynk compatible alternative with the same number of gpio’s please share.

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It depends what you’re trying to achieve. In my experience there are very few scenarios where you actually need lots of GPIOs in the same physical location. In most situations the things you want to control or monitor are spread over a reasonably large physical distance, which makes wiring back the controls/sensors to a single point where your MCU is located impractical.
It’s often more sensible to have multiple devices in different physical locations sending data to a central location - either the Blynk server, as “master” device or something else such as a Node-Red server acting as a gateway to Blynk.

But, if you really do need more GPIOs than you can “shake a stick at” then you could go down this route…


ESP32 is the best MCU atm

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Your writeup of the your work with MCP23017 Expansion Board is excellent. I will take a closer look at it. Thank you for sharing the link in this thread.

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