Blynk-Access Point Mode (allow entry of pass,ssid..etc from web)

I’m currently using WiFiEsp with my ESP8266 running as a shield on a mega2560. Everything works but RAM space has become critical. I’ve used WiFiEsp on a few projects to allow entry of things like ssid,pass,auth…etc and store it to eeprom. Very handy since its works with phone, pc and does not need a cable attachment or arudino software, just a web browser. Note: I’ve already done all the F() macro tricks to save ram.

Is there a way to run Blynk (on hardware side) temporarily in AP mode? If not, it would be a nice feature to add. This information needs to be entered somewhere and recompiling code is not always an easy solution.


It was already discussed many times. For start, you can read this topic, I’m sure it will help:

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Thanks for the reply…

Its been discussed but in many fragments. As I previously posted, I’m running the ESP8266 as a shield and I already have a working method. The problem is I’m having to use two libraries for the same card, memory waste. Unfortunately, the Blynk team has made the rcv() function private: among many other changes to the original ESP8266.h (ITEAD Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.). Since they package this library in their code releases, its something I do not want to change.

I understand that Blynk needs full control over receive data to handle its phone app. requests. My hope was that the BlynkESP8266_Lib could still allow running an AP mode. This would save on a boat load of memory (use one library). Once your done with the data entry config process, you would reset the unit and config it for Blynk.

OK, while I can’t say I am truly following what you are doing… I do suspect that your issue will be related to using the ESP as shield route, as the ESP just becomes a simple Wi-Fi adapter and is not under direct control of your script (or libraries?).