Blynk 2.0 - Notification limit?


I’m testing the Blynk.Logevent() function.
It worked each time to display on the device timeline, but just 2 times to my mail and GSM (notification limit is set to 1000x/12h).

Is there a limit for the free plan, or another thing to know?


Ok, after double check, I see I didn’t understood the doc.
I can’t choose to receive max for example 10 alerts in 12 hours…

You can send 100 events per device per day and no more than 1 event per second per device. Limits are not final and will be tuned based on the usages and plans.

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Fine, it’s widely enough for me :smiley:

there is 100/day limit on plus membership too?

Yes. Do you need more?

need realtime event notification like old blynk. I’m used it for power system frequency monitoring. Every single change 50,xxx Hz its important. Does blynk 2.0 membership get unlimited event like the old ? :smiley:

@GDR94 I think you mean device data (datastream data flow), not template events. It’s a different thing. This topic is about Template Events. Template Events is this:

In my case, i set my normal freq at 50Hz. My high set at 50,25Hz and low set at 49,8 Hz. When the freq >=50,25 Hz, my old blynk will notif me. It still notif me while the freq <50,25 Hz. I set many freq point on eventor like 50,25; 50,26; … >50,4. So the team will aware about freq problem. On blynk 2.0 its imposible caused by event limited

So these were push notifications in Blynk Legacy?

If so then I think you’re using notifications in the wrong way. Anyone who receives 100+ notifications in a day isn’t going to pay any real attention to them, they are simply going to get “notification fatigue” and ignore them.

Far better to send notifications of exceptional situations (commonly known as Reporting by Exception) and use some other method I’d suggest SuperChart) to report on things that happen with the sort of regularity that you are talking about).


You probably need Automations in that case - please check the doc - Automations - Blynk Documentation

I got it thx, but i found new problem. i cant feel it the number with comma. its like i wanna put 50,25 but i cant, the , or . isnt work