Blynk 2.0 Local server

Yes. But that’s not the main problem. The main problem is that developing the local server requires additional effort. I would say It would give ~20% to the server maintenance cost for us. So that’s why for now we decided to drop it.

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Also a Node Red/MQTT user here, and same as @PeteKnight mentioned above I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the existing Blynk system is maintained.

I don’t like the $4.99 monthly charging, and not sure I want to pay $4.99 for each device. (I wonder if my Pi running node red would run as one device?). I spent enough on ‘energy’ and that seemed fair as a one of payment, free to use as I wished.

In fact although a beta tester I did not actually try the system for more than a couple of hours, seems way overly complicated for my personal needs. I am grateful for the original Blynk app and cloud server, it’s been a great run and I think it still may be the best front-end solution, however I will need to look for a replacement if it is dropped.

A few points I am not clear on:

  • Is there ever going to be a ‘switch off’ of Blynk 1.0 cloud support?

  • Will the original Blynk app continue to be available for those who want to run the original local server?

  • Can the community continue to support the local server via pull requests?


I think the simple solution is to use a single device, provided that the number of virtual pins isn’t restricted.
I started off creating multiple devices, but if I was going to do it again in V1.0 I’d use one plus a spreadsheet to keep track of what each one is used for.
In a way V2.,0 makes that easier as the datastreams have names (aliases I guess) so the spreadsheet might be redundant.

I think that’s much easier for Android users who can download the .apk file and continue to use the app even if it disappears from the play store - provided that it still works with their current Android version.

I think it will be mobile OS changes that eventually kill-off v1.0

Let me know what you find!



As previously mentioned, we don’t have any plans to switch off old Blynk in the nearest future. It will continue running for a half-year or even much longer.

Yes, but it won’t be getting any updates/improvements. We may also limit an ability to register new accounts (this should only affect our Public Cloud).


The updated server software became much more complicated to install and maintain (which is expected, taking into account all of the new features). Right now we offer “on-premises” installation of Blynk.Cloud for Enterprise customers only, and there’s no plan to open-source the full version of it in the foreseeable future.

MQTT support is in our plans. In fact, the Datastreams concept is abstracting-away the Blynk’s Virtual Pins, and that was designed exactly to support other protocols (not only MQTT).


I am convinced that if blynk V1 goes to become fully open source, we are a lot of users able to make it evolve faster than the last 3 years you did.:crazy_face:
Why don’t you provide us the source code and keep V2 for commercial busyness only?
Many of us are using local server, it’s more secure, more stable and can be used even if our ISP is down. :yum:


This new generation BLYNK can work on local server for more security and privacy?

Definitely not :smiley:

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Very disappointing

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Better keep V1 :smiley:

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While I understand your sentiments, in the seven years of completely free Blynk on Local Servers, almost nobody contributed neither to server code nor to open libraries. :man_shrugging:

Don’t consider my question being offensive in any way, but did you make any pull requests throughout these years?

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Nice. is local server available for new platform ?

Must have been close to perfect then :joy:


I was messing with @scargill ’s NR button project last evening pretty good spring board for beautifying NR to the place where it could be a front end.


I totally agree! And I will also add that the trust in the company BLYNK is irretrievably undermined! What is a YEAR OF SUPPORT for people who have invested time and money in the development of various IoT devices based on this wonderful Blynk system. The developers have chosen a destructive path of development, this is their right, but they will definitely lose part of their loyal audience.

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We are also disappointed with the way how some community members treated our work by for example abusing the use of local servers for business purposes or using it to build Blynk competitors.

This model is not working, unfortunately. We might consider selling local server licenses for the new version of Blynk at some point, but there is no ETA and certainty.

The old version will continue to work for as long as it makes economic sense, but I would definitely recommend migrating to the new one. It’s going to be 100x times better than the old one, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Thank you for the great effort
I have purchased energy on dozens of devices. If you stop the old platform, I will have a big problem with my customers. Please keep the old platform because it is a wonderful platform and we cannot do without it.

Of course I will move to the new platform but I don’t want to pay huge amount to my old customers

Please do not neglect the development of the application to be compatible with Android updates

It seems you have not signed for commercial blynk :thinking:


I have no idea about it

I would like to join new blynk if my old platform’s energy is given back in form of more devices.

I spent money on it to develop my project.
Kindly look into the mattert @Pavel