Blynk 2.0 How to make access to notifications for the User?

Hi guys.
I invited a new user for my template, registered this user in Blink 2.0. But this user will not receive push notifications. Only the Owner of the device is in the push notifications setting and get notifications. What should be specified in the settings of recipients of push notifications for this user?


What have you specified in the template metadata about device owner?


Only this:

I still don’t quite understand what Metadata is for?


If you click the Edit button, you can specify the email address of the device owner, which should presumably allow notifications to go to the correct user.


I did it just now, it worked!
Thank you, Pete.

It’s a dynamic field that could be attached to your devices. For example serial number, or timezone, or region. It depends on what you need - Metadata Tutorial - Blynk Documentation

Those fields could be used in the search, during the device provision or for the rule engine (only for business clients)


However, it might be not exactly what you need here. In general, you should not set the device owner in the meta field of the template. Because that’s a default value that will be used if the device doesn’t have an owner. If you want the new user to see the notifications you can transfer device ownership to this user - Actions with devices - Blynk Documentation.

In that case you don’t need to set the device owner in the template.
If you’re not the owner of the device, you still can get the notifications, for example you can specify receivers as “All users of the organization” or you can add the “contact” metafield to the device and fill it within the specific device with your email. In that case you’ll need to add “contact” meta as a receiver in the notifications.

Not quite clear. In template Device owner is empty. Now I have transferred Device owner to the User. In fact, I am not the owner of the device now, why should I receive notifications?


You may not. It depends. For the case when you need to make some device maintenance you could want that.

All of that is covered in docs. We updated the notification section recently

I got confused - after I transferred the Owner to the new User for some time notifications came to the device that was no longer the owner and nothing but the Device owner was registered in the recipient by default. Why?


  1. Do this:

  2. go to device - notification settings

  3. Do this

Everything is clear, it works.
Pavel, thanks.


Sorry to write on this old post, but I have the same problem and after looking thru the forum I found this one with a good solution, but unfortunately the step 3 dont work for me. After clicking on notifications settings the only page that appears is to search event.image
what I am missing?

Post a screenshot of the event you created in Step 1 and your notification settings (Step 3)


Hi Pete. In fact after doing a lot of work on all pages, I did a refresh and event showed on step3. From there I can include/exclude users from receiving notification, but the funny part is that on the event itself, I still only see the owner user.


Your screenshots don’t really match-up with the ones in post #13

Are you trying to achieve something different from the OP?


I just posted the step 1, because as I said the step 3 appeared after I did a refresh on the page. Now i can make changes on the users. The only thing that I dont understant is why I can do it on the Edit Event page… but anyway, is working… thanks,

Good morning Pete. I assumed that was worked too fast. None of the users assigned received a notification… I read the documentation - Notifications Settings - Blynk Documentation - and the only thing that is different is the screenshot below:

That´s what is my page:

Although I can hover over the name and click on it and this screen appears:

As you can see there are 3 users listed.

As I said before, I still cannot change the users when configuring the event itself - see below:

and just to confirm, notifications management is enable…


What do you think is happening?

And just one last note, I checked if the notification is enable on the smartphones… they are…

thanks for any help.