Blynk 2.0 Dashboard issue

Dear blynk Team
please take a look the attached picure
inside the Dash boardwhen i click swich2 on the relay will on again
when i click off i will wont i use mobile it will work well
when i use dash board i will wont work previously
it will work then now it was wont work i use mobile
everthing is working well in DashBoard the Switch1
will good

I have no idea what this means!


Dear sir
thanks for prompet Reply
in Dashboard switch1 i can ON only and cant off it

Which virtual pin number is the switch attached to?


Thanks for replying sir
Virtual pins VO and V1
V1 is working well V0 only having issues

Don’t use V0, it have issues.

But it was working well preciously ok any way thanks for your Replies I will try other pin on tomorrow thanks

It’s discussed here…

It seems like a recent change has broken widgets attached to pin V0 on the web console.


Ok sir thanks
I have 1more question about the webdash Board I can use virtual pins as a push botton inside the dashboard? Because I want to use for Doors I do want to use on/off

There is no pushbutton widget for the web dashboard yet, but you can add some simple code to your device to turn the dashboard widget off after the desired time.


Dear sir
Thanks for replying can you please help me give the example Code for the Dashboard push botton timer because i always use for Doors so that’s why I need it thank you sir


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Dear sir ok sir I will try that’s thank you from the bottom of heart sir

This bug was fixed in the last update, you can use the datastream with virtual pin V0