Blynk 2.0 - Adding multiple devices to one template

With Blynk 1.0 app i added several devices to one projects. i cant figure out how i can do that with Blynk 2.0 app.

I can add more devices to same template, but i can’t use same virtual pin as an another device in same template.

I have four devices i want to add under same template and many of them uses the same virtual pins as other boards.

Is there a way i can solve this, without making a template for each device?


Adding multiple devices is not directly possible. You can collect information from multiplte devices to one of them, then publish info from a single device.
Alternatively, you can use a single auth token on multiple devices (with data on separate datastreams).

We will introduce special “dashboards” - ability to add controls from any devices and rearrange them per your needs. This won’t require Developer mode.

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Okay. For me this is not good at all. I have two projects. The one project has four devices and the other project has two devices. That means i have to make 6 templates, one for each device.

That was possible with old blynk app. Now i just don’t know how i can make this work.

When will “special dashoboard” be added?


Only if all these devices have different logic.

You can add 6 templates. In blynk 1.0 you have to setup this as well.

I`m not wery good to understand technical english. Can jo please explain what you mean with “Only if all these devices have different logic.”?

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Let’s look at the example. Hopefully it will make more sense.

  1. You have 20 switches around the house. They all just turn things on/off. You would need just 1 template for it: Switch Template. All 20 devices will inherit this template. All of these switches will appear as separate devices. They will have the UI you created in the template
  2. You have 3 temperature sensors. You would need second template: Temp Sensor template. All of your 3 sensor devices will inherit this template. All of these sensors will appear in the app as separate devices. They will have the UI you created in the template

As Volodymyr said, at this moment we don’t yet have Projects. Once we add it, you will be able to create a dashboard, where you will be able to add 20 buttons for switches and 3 charts for sensors on the same page (as in Blynk 1.0)


Ok, thanks.

Crap… i allready miss the old Blynk…


I agree. I just “upgraded” for a year, not even looking into the significant changes (limitations?) of 2.0. No local server is a deal breaker, and I have no use for templates at all. every single device that I make is very different, and currently it seems that I need a template for each of them ( as you do), and will not be able to have a “dashboard” that show multiple of them without some major hacking of datavalues.

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I just bought a Blynk 2.0 PLUS subscription and I’m disappointed with the webdashboard (only 5 widgets? Why not all from the iOS / Android apps?). But what I used in old Blynk is multiple devices with the same function, just different authorization tokens, so I can see which device is offline, and in one screen in old mobile Blynk app I can see all devices. For me, this is a basic feature, so please, when will the Projects be available in Blynk 2.0? I think that have the same token for all devices and different virtual pins or have some special device for collecting data and sending them is a bad pattern … For now I have to stay on old Blynk…

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Will be implemented over time.

Right now you have a similar thing - mobile tiles. Every tile is a specific device, you can see the status in the tile (offline status is shown). Also on the web in the devices search view, you can see all devices with the online/offline status.

Ok, I know it’s in development, it’s new, but still, when I bought something, I expected something more than demo version (talking about web dashboard).

Anyway, do you know in what time frame you will support the Projects? In weeks, months, years…?
Thank you.


It’s not a demo version. Provided widgets cover most of the real use cases. Yes, better and improved visualizations could be introduced and will be introduced. Mobile widgets were added during the last 4 years.

It’s not in our roadmap for the next 6 months.

Does blynk 2.0 support rest api? With blynk 1 it was easy to use their rest api to get multiple devices in one project.

I think this should be one of the most important features to implement. Right now this is a joke that I have to have a separate “dashboard” for every device, and I’m not able to set up dashboards which are aggregating multiple devices.

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In any case, we are, I’m sure. That we are all We are grateful to you for the fact that you are developing and doing at least something new. I’m sure in time everything will be at the highest level, because we are close.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful creation as Blynk.


The biggest disadvantages of Blynk 2.0 are:

  1. No local server
  2. No projects to aggregate different types of devices
  3. No dark theme

I bought a BLYNK PLUS subscription, but I’m still wondering whether to migrate. I have to completely rebuild all projects.


yeah i agree separate dashbards were available in legacy as the divice tiles widget but now it is the homescreen