Blynk 1.0 (legacy) retirement timeline announced!

That’s why you’re being offered a discount on your first year’s subscription to Blynk IoT.


Thanks for your answer! I haven’t seen if there is discont. It is my fault!


sure. But new Blynk has ignored the times when the internet is unavailable.

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I just wanna say that, Blynk 2.0 is expensive for user from asia.
Hopefully Blynk can lower prices or at least lower prices for developing or low-income countries, that will make Blynk 2.0 easier to popularize the same way Blynk legacy did.

Than you for the Blynk legacy platform. Great platform. There wasn’t anything quite like it when I started developing with IoT.

Like many others, I am disappointed in the relatively short notice for shutdown, the invalidating of purchased energy and the need to re-code my devices. Unfortunately this change has prompted me to re-evaluate my architecture.

Rather than continue the journey with Blink 2, I have decided to use MQTT & FCM for messaging and develop mobile apps using AI2 / Kodular / Thunkable. Not as nice as Blynk, but a viable alternative that will not force me to re-code when the next version of Blynk is released. Working prototype was an evening’s work including some learning of the AI2 based tools.

Thanks again for Blynk legacy and all the best with the Blynk 2 platform.

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Personally, I use MQTT and Node-Red, with Blynk as my my mobile (and now desktop) front-end.

As I previously used this architecture under Legacy, no re-coding was required, just a few minor changes to my Node-Red setup and re-creating (and tidying-up) my mobile app dashboard in Blynk IoT.

I personally think that MQTT is the best thing since sliced bread, and should be the basis for any serious home automation system.


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That is the route I went with. Kodular and firebase as server

The end of Blynk Legacy is very sad. If everything worked in the new one, it would be understandable. The option to have multiple devices in one template still doesn’t work :frowning: It’s a huge disappointment!

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Where can I find the discount code for my Blynk 2 subscription? I see the offer expires on the 31 August


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Hi. Please send me discount code. I dont send You pm

I’ve changed your account privileges so you can now send PMs.


When will you be adding a table widget to the new Blynk?

The main reason I am unable to migrate to the new Blynk is due to lack of the Table widget.

I have not received any offer.

What is PM?

How can I see it?

The offer expired at the end of August.

I also miss the Table widget, but you can use Events to achieve a similar result. Not as convenient to go into the timeline to see them, but certainly a workaround.

Only 95 days left to the big Legacy turn-off, so you’d better act soon!


Would you have sample code on how to use Events to substitute for Table?

Would really help to speed up the process.


Logging events is covered quite well in the Blynk IoT documentation, and it’s just a case of turning on the “send to timeline” option for the event you create. You can then see the info in the timeline.
You can use different events if you want a different entry type in the timeline ‘table’ so that they stand out better…


Hi, I’m just getting back to using Blynk. It looks like I missed the promo period but was hoping I still could get a code for the 50% off. Too bad the system just didn’t track who backed the project from the start (Kickstarter backer) and applied a discount when subscribing. On a side note, I did search my email and didn’t see one offering any discounts.


Good morning ! I was a blynk legacy user bought energy have not received a promotion to port over to the new platform

I would like to continue the journey with 2.0 but all my projects running on TEENSY 4.x. So far these devices are not supported ! What to do ?