Bluetooth connection issues with app update

I think the app was recently updated because code that worked a few days ago no longer works (also the History graph widget now is usable with BLE). Every Blynk.virtualWrite() causes the server to disconnect. Two errors pop up on the bottom of the screen: “Reconnecting to server” alternates with “Project is not connected to the bluetooth device”.

Anybody else seeing this problem?


That’s a new one for me… fairly sure it still needs a server link. Are you sure you are not referring to the SuperChart as it will support LIVE tracking on BT/BLE

EDIT… OK I can now see data on the History Graph over BLE (using LightBlue Bean)… but I am not seeing any “unusual” connection issues… aside from the usual randomness that has been discussed in previous topics (search LLB or LightBlue Bean).

Don’t know.

But, perhaps you can clarify some information…

Version of App you are currently running?

What version of Blynk Library?

iOS or Android?

Cloud or Local Server (even with BT a server is still needed for account login and auth code)

Hardware details… what type of MCU, what type of BT adapter, etc.

Perhaps even show us the sketch you are experiencing this issue on… (Please format any posted code as per the Welcome Topic):
Blynk - FTFC

Are you using local server? If yes - you need to update it to the latest version, as we have added support for resending bluetooth data to the server, so it made possible use of several widgets, including graphs, with BLE/Bluetooth connection.

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