BLE to control motors Can Blynk Help?

Can Blynk help?

I am using Adafruit Motor Shield V2 and need to use sliders and switches on Mobile device to control 4 motors.

I need to set the variables for speed and direction of each.

I can make this work with hardwired switches and POTs

Any advise is appreciated

BLE currently under development. Not yet ready.

Sorry @wazhere, for using your topic, but since I have a similar question I thought, this is a good idea to post mine here.

Hello @Dmitriy I’m developing a Follow Focus for DSLR system with Blynk app as the remote. This is meant to be BLE operated (sometimes you use your camera RIG in “noWifi” environment) so I’m developing on WIFI and Blynk but waiting for BLE support. Could you point to the board with BLE that will be first to be compatible? You mentioned bean, some time ago - will this be the first board to be compatible with Blynk?

@ethelder this 2 would be supported first

@Dmitriy thanks for answer.

Some more clarification:

  1. By Lightblue Bean you mean only the Bean variety or the Bean+ also? There are two boards in the family.
  2. Do you have any roadmap about BLE support - timing?

BTW - thanks for the tabs and menus widgets, those are great.

Think both.

On finish line. 1-2weeks.

You are welcome :).

BLE support is here (BETA). Please continue discussion in that topic.