[BETA] Blynk Library v0.5.0

That means your phone is not detecting the ESP32/BLE or the ESP32 is not broadcasting.

Indeed ! Should I see the ESP32 in Bluetooth on my IOS device ? Any way I can debug/test more ?

Debug window :

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:1
entry 0x40078ad0

With a non-blynk script or other BLE App perhaps? I haven’t checked yet what, if any, BLE examples espressif has for their ‘new’ BLE support.

I’m thinking board is not working correctly … I have one more ESP32 (different make) on back order … maybe I should wait until that one arrives and test again with the new board …

@vshymanskyy Can you explain more?


  • ESP32 SSL support
  • ESP8266 now checks certificate chain (previously fingerprint was used)
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it seems that zip beta disappeared , it’s 4.xx :sob:

I think from the dates of the files it’s version 0.5.0 it’s just library.properties file that is still showing 0.4.10

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thank you I got it !


  • App Export example for ESP32 (with WiFi credentials provisioning)
  • ESP8266 Shield mode (AT commands) stability improvements
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