Best widget to edit a a large array of datas

Hi, i’m playing a little with Blynk for an aquarium controller project.

For this project, i have a program that control 3 channels of leds, each channel got an array of 96 values (= 24hours, 1 value for 15minutes).
So plan is to be able to edit thoses values from my Blynk project. But there is a lot of values to edit (96 x 3 channels = 288 values total)

My questions :

  1. What would be the best option to get/send those values (webhook widget ?)
  2. Is there a widget i can use to display/edit those values ? (without having to add a ton of widgets)

Thanks a lot !

Input text on Terminal?

What it worked for me is a combination of one Slider widget and one Step widget. With the Step I select which array element to update and then with the slider the value. It works fine if values are similar otherwise you lost precision on the value entered.
Home it helps


very soon @Dmitriy :wink: