Input widget needed

Hi, I wonder why you do not add an Input Widget (alphanum). I know the Terminal widget, but input is complicated to work with, after input. Beside that, all input stays visible and do not cleared. My oppinion, Terminal is for debugging.
You really do a fantastic job, lots of features, so maybe you forget the most simple people asing for.
I’m sure a simple Input Widget would help lots of developers, using your app. For my application, I want to input a Master Password, Starting values, counters etc. to be stores in EEPROM. Life would be easier with a simple Input Widget.


Hello. This is in our roadmap. Hopefully will be released soon :slight_smile:.

soon? but when?

@Blynk_Coeur in few days. Stay tuned :wink:

@Dmitriy champagne to celebrate the event !!!