Be careful of this new/corrected bug in 2.4.0 Arduino Core

Please read here:
lwip2: fix wdt, fix wifi reconnection

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


… I suffered a lot by this nasty bug since 2.4.0 … Hopefully now it is solved!
Please report your problems that may had due to this bug.

Thanks. Highly appreciated.

@mikekgr Workaround described here:

With 2.4.0 the workaround would be to select Tools β†’ lwIP Variant β†’ v1.4 Prebuilt.

Dear @vshymanskyy why not just update from git or at least to change the particular involved files?
lwIP Variant β†’ v1.4 Prebuilt is old and less functional as far as I know thus the lwip 2…

This is a much simpler workaround for those who don’t know how to / are too lazy to update manually :wink:

understandable … !

2.4.1 just released !