BBQ thermometer with ET-732

Hi guys/gals, I am new here and not asking for it to be done for me. I have basic C and some passed basic. I have used the search function on how to get the ET732 probes to read in blynk. All in all I want to do this piece by piece. I only have about an hour a day to play and all day Sunday so my time to do it all in one swoop won’t happen and think it might be a crap ton on me all at once. My goal is to get a probe reading on the Blynk app and have it with a set point to send push notifications. I can then hopefully use the same code and change the names around for the next probe and so on. When I have all the probes going I want to do a temp controller and have set point on the app to make my settings. I am using an Arduino 101 because of the Bluetooth and when I have everything the way I want then add an LCD shield and wifi shield. The 101s maybe have a 50 or so foot range, which does perfect for my place because of the layout but when I go to my dads and have father son time, I’d need wifi.

Now I am not asking for someone to go BOOM here ya go. I am a hands on and don’t mind working my butt off and racking my brain but I couldn’t find nothing on here about using these probes. Just the K type. This was a budget thing and had a couple of these 732 laying around that my neighbor gave me for the project. I’m really just looking for pointers on where to start to make these read and as accurately as possible. Would it be easier to use KType and such? If this isn’t in the right area, I’m very sorry. I would also share the app that i build plus complete code and hardware list with wiring. I am an open source guy. Thanks for any input and advice.

A couple of things you might need to know… I believe the the Arduino 101 still has some issues with BLE & Blynk right now, due to something on Intel’s end. Search this forum for Arduino 101 for more.

And while Blynk can use BLE/BT on other devices, it is still BETA like; It has some limitations on which Widgets are supported; And the App still needs internet access to the Server for login and project data, even if it doesn’t need internet for the MCU link.

Now, hopefully before all your hopes crash and burn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There are a few BBQ/Smoker/Cooker projects, that are well detailed on this site, but might be using differing MCUs and thermostats. However, the basics will still apply.

Don’t search for the particular “sensor”, rather just the word BBQ, etc. For example:

If you really prefer to use what you have then I recommend getting it to work with basic Arduino code first, and learning some basics of Blynk on the side… Then it will be easier to merge the two later, as opposed to trying it cram it all together at once… particularly as that ET-732 sounds complicated enough to hack with Arduino as it is (based on some quick Google searches).

On the topic of the 101:

Yeah I think I found some code to do what I need but with the 101 down the drain, I’ll end up using it for my relay board. I got it setup and running. Guess I’ll just buy an uno, or two or three and get a wifi shield and go but in the mean time I think imma try to use this code I found and hopefully get lucky it’ll work so I can see about incorporating it into blynk. I’ll post updates and hopefully I can answer questions other people might have ok these probes. I guess all in all is hold my beer and wish me luck lol.

Ohhh… don’t incur the “wrath of @Costas” with that statement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Get a Wemos or NodeMCU type development board instead… yes it means remembering that everything is 3.3v not 5v and some differing pin designations, but otherwise they can be programmed the same way as Arduino, but built in WiFi and (I think) faster processing. Not knocking Arduinos… My main go to right now is still a MEGA with ESP-01 WiFi adapter.

Arduino 8Mhz to 20Mhz 32K to 256K Memory
ESP 80Mhz to 160MHz 512K to 1024K Memory (plus up to 15MB additional storage)

if only Espressif had Apple’s marketing know how.

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But then we would have less adaptability, 10x the cost and they would probably remove USB support and call it innovation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey fellas, I actually got off work on time and had a few sketches picked out to try. 2 I racked and searched and scrapped. The third one worked. I was able to send upnthe reading to blynk over my iPhone 6s Plus thru BLE. How accurate I am, I have no idea. I forgot to grab my thermometer from my parents along with my solder iron I left over the weekend. I want to solder my points to the jack so I’m not holding wires. And I want to put my little 12 dollar meat thermometer in some water at freezing, room temp, and boiling and see how far off I am. Will post some updates when I get that.

Also found out that the et732 probes go to far in these 2.5mm jacks so you gotta leave a small gap to where everything is connecting properly. I’m sure I’ll need to keep researching and playing around but I got what I wanted done first. I got it to work. And again when I’m done I will upload codes and share the app and such in case there is someone else out there that is taking the hard way lol